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    Installation fails on windows xp

    plumpub Level 1


      I have a legitimate copy of pagemaker 7.0 for windows and would like to install it on my laptop. I had already previously successfully installed it on my desktop computer.


      When I double-click setup.exe, or when I try to add a new program through the control panel, it just dies or, rather, it doesn't do anything at all. The hourglass shows for a minute then the cursor comes back. I have searched all over the net and found some references to this (I think) but nothing that seems to actually address what to do (ok, I am not going to reload my whole system).


      Just to make sure, I went back to my desktop computer and, sure enough, it loads right up.


      Does this have to do with the 32-bit setup program (installshield)? Or...I tried a compatibility mode setting but that did nothing either, although I just guessed that it was Windows 95 compatible. I am at a real loss here. Any help would be most appreciated. I am sure I am just missing something obvious. Oh, I also copied the contents of the disk onto my hard drive, but got the same results. Basically, the installer just does not launch on the laptop.