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    Flash Asset Upgrade via Director

    Jim Wiley Level 1

      Hi All,

      I have been using Authorware for over 10 year to make user CD's. I have been fighting Flash support issues for a few years now.

      I have Director 11.5 too. Now Directors Flash Asset has been updated to support Flash CS5 and AS3 (Actionscript 3)


      I took the Xtra and renamed it to the Authorware version's name. I now have support for Flash CS5. It might work on your projects. My projects required some minor tweaking. I had to clean up the code to do away with global variables and use of things like the _root object reference. Some of the Flash file's code were developed with Flash 7 on up and Actionscript 1.


      I haven't checked out all of the features Flash CS5 support and the level of the Flash Asset support usable in Authorware (I have tested Flash 6 SWF's with video and text with variables).


      I am amazed that the this product still works in Vista and Win7. Just another tribute to the old Macromedia team.