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    Placed .ill files in InDesign file cause slow pdf export / print


      I have a reasonably sized InDesign file (13MB) with several large illustrator files placed (~120MB). Saving the InDesign file is a tad slow, but the real problem arises when I try to print or create a pdf. Creating a pdf of more than one page at a time is impossible. Creating a pdf of a single page or printing just one page takes upwards of 45 minutes for the file to process and either save or print. Any ideas on increasing the speed?


      Would it be better to break my large .ill files into smaller pieces - e.g. save each layer as its own file - and place those separately? Or best to, as I have now, place a single large file?


      I am also working on an internal network. Perhaps putting all the files on my harddrive would help the speed?


      Working with CS5 with latest update, Windows 7 64bit SP1, 4GB RAM.


      (Sorry if I put this in the wrong category, wasn't sure if it should go under InDesign, Illustrator, or Acrobat.)


      Thanks for any thoughts,

      Tracy Durnell