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    Editing Video as it's Captured


      I searched, and have not really found anything, here or Google / Bing.


      I use Adobe Premiere Elements 9 and have an editing question.


      When I capture video from my computer's built-in webcam, it does everything properly and imports it onto the timeline. But I want to be able to edit this video live as it comes into the program. The only way I can figure out how to edit it is to stop capturing and go into the timeline to edit, but then it's not live.


      I want to be able to work with a green screen like a weather forecast, and it doesn't help if you can't have the video edited as it's coming in to see what's behind you live at the moment. I don't like having to capture the video of me in front of a green screen and guess where I'm pointing, then stop capturing and edit the video afterwards, because that's not how it's done in the television news industry, obviously.