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    VA vs. IPS display panels: Dell UltraSharp U2410, Dell USU2711

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      Or - what should i look for in a display to achieve the full potential of my graphics card?



      I doubt that i will be getting a broadcast monitor, and am intending to buy a display for my new build that's currently being assembled, that i built here on this forum with help from you all, and thanks a million for that:)

      So now I am considering two Dell displays, Dell UltraSharp U2410 and the UltraSharp U2711 because that's what the various stores here are offering to people making video and graphic work. (This is a really trend oriented place.)


      I am NOT seeing an alternative contender to these two options because of trendyness as mentioned, but also because of their ergonomic features; the stand in both cases has vertical adjustment to enable changing the height of the screen on your desk, plus they can both be hung on the wall.

      Another important feature is the warranty, which is provided by the Dell authorized shop here in Israel ("Yael Pitronot"), which is very good, which i know from my own (horrible) experience with my Dell laptop. Bought last fall, it has had all its parts replaced by this very prompt and accurate shop (unlike the Dell international warranty service provider).


      So, in fact, from my perspective this is a reason NOT to be buying anything Dell.

      Also, both these displays have 6ms response time, and my question, is that too slow for editing in Premier?

      And, should i be looking for a VA paneled display that has MS2 (2 millisecond respponse time)?

      Finally, i shall provide some info about my system: I will have a pretty good graphics card (or so i am told,) - Gainward GTX580 Phantom 3GB with 3072MB/384bits high-speed GDDR5 memory but i do NOT know what i should be looking for in a display in order to accomodate, or have it be consistent with the features of my video card.


      The Dell US U2410 monitor has 12 bits of Internal Processing, not sure what that means re the graphics/video card.

      Finally, I will use this computer to make video, and Flash video that i use as a part of my interactive Flash applications (including animation), for which i also use Photoshoped stills, while i use Illustrator for making large posters (quite frustrating on my laptop) and will be using Indesign. In short, this computer is meant for Classic Collection CS5.5.


      Any feedback would be great.