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    Save As dialog hangup (Plug-in for Firefox)


      Hi folks,


      I'm running Firefox 5.0, equipped with the Adobe Acrobat (Reader?) Plug-In for Firefox, on several fully patched XP Pro systems.  On a regular basis I view publicly accessible/non-DRMd PDFs via the Plug-in and save a copy by mousing to the bottom of the viewport to activate the autohide toolbar thingy and clicking on "Save a copy".  Doing so causes a Save As dialog to pop up.  Very frequently, an attempt to use that Save As dialog... immediately clicking Save to save to the default directory or clicking the Desktop icon to change to a different directory... will cause that Save As dialog to indefinetely hang.  In order to clear this condition I have to kill the AcroRd32.exe process, and sometimes also the plugin-container.exe and firefox.exe processes as well. The problem is intermittent in the sense that it sometimes happens and sometimes doesn't happen, even for the same exact PDF file.  This is something I've coped with for a very long time, under different versions of Firefox, on old as well as newly created XP Pro installs, before and after purging/reinstalling Firefox and Adobe software, different versions of the Plug-in, etc.


      Is this a known problem?  Has anyone else experienced this type of problem and found a way to prevent it from happening?  Thanks in advance.