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    Mc center keeps on moving


      Hi all,


      Just wanna share my rage against one of the numberous bug in flash CS5.


      - Create a circle, make it a Movie Clip.

      - ok, you got a circle with his instance center AND gravity center...in the center. normal !

      - make it rotate ! hoooo the gravity center is glitching and randomly moving !


      this problem lead to an amazing tones of horrible problems (such a glitch in tweening) !



      the wrost ? I have taken a CS3 file containing sprites and animations, convert it to cs5.

      Now most of my animations "vibrate"/"glitching"... when you look at teh easing curve you could see some very small oscilations (1/2px deviation from the y=x line)... I reset it, then edit the same tween again ... oscilation is back.



      so, all my CS5 animations files are F***ed... i have to go back to CS3.

      since CS5 day1 center are moving.

      It s impossible to work on small size MC with that bug.


      please do something.



      PS :I'm flash expert since at least 10 years now, i've deal with an amzing number of huge flash bugs, this one is simply impossible to design with.

      please please please do something !