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    Use DLL Method in flash AIR

    Dhaval (Dotsquares)



      I have a query regarding the dll methods getting in flash.


      I am developing a flash game in AS3, that will be using a hardware device (Reflex Train) to control the game's activities.


      The events of this device's button will use the dll. So, I just want to know that how to get these events in flash?


      However, I have performed some R&D work related to this and I discoverd the below mentioned facts:


      1. Can I take use of zinc to integrate the dll with flash (please share any example, if possible)
      2. As stated in the link (http://projects.psibaspace.net.au/code.php), should I develop a application in Dot Net in the same way that XBox 360 communicates with the flash?
      3. Should I develop a java applicaion that will communicate with the flash?


      Please share your comments on these and suggest if any best alternative exists.




      Dhaval Kumar