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    Saving bug with importing files from illustrator.


      At work we've been having a particularly irritating issue with svaing flash files in CS5.
      After making some changes to a flash file, and trying to save it, the flash file simply doesn't commit the changes
      and keeps the earlier version.

      We believe we've isolated the issue to importing from illustrator (CS5).
      It seems if you copy any rasterized images, or vectors with effects on them (such as drop shadows, glows etc)
      saving starts to have some issues, the saving itself seems to work fine, but reopening the files with often result with
      flash being reverted to a pervious saved version.


      I'm not sure what is the exact cause of the issue, but I do think it's certainly linked to illustrator importing.
      Has anyone else had issues with saving, and it rolling back to previous saves, and is there any way to avoid/fix this issue?
      Any help would be greatly appreciated, as the saving issue is slowing us down substantially, as we have to keep checking
      that every change we make is being commited.





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          I can confirm this bug!  This is becoming a major problem for us as well!  We are also having this same problem with Flash.  Although we did not notice it until Flash CS5.5.  It's good to know that it seems to be related to Illustrator importing, as the files we are having this bug with are importing Illustrator CS5 .ai files with filters and effects.  We have not found a solution either, but it sounds like we should try to avoid importing Illustrator files if possible.  Thanks for the description of the bug, we have been scratching our heads thinking we were crazy saying Flash was not saving changes.


          Anybody else having this problem?


          Adobe, what is the deal with this?!?!?  This is one bug that NEEDS to be remedied as can severly mess-up your Flash file and companies can lose lots of time and money re-doing changes that did not commit.




          Dan Parker

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            Sukhi12 Level 1

            Hi Dan / Chris ,

            Sorry for the inconvience it has caused .

            I'm not able to reproduce the issue . Is it possible for you to provide me more information that will help me in narrowing down the issue.


            Do you copy paste the image on stage from Illustrator to flash  or you import an image ? and then save and reopen& it revert back to previous version .


            Are you editing the image again in Illustrator and Re-importing ?


            Can you please email your fla file to mailto:FlashAuthBetaBugs@adobe.com? If you are sending a zip file please change the file extension from .zip to .zzz.

            Please also include the exact steps in reproducing this issue


            Flash Authoring

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              Chris_Thodesen Level 1

              Hello Sukhbir,

              I have sent off the email, to FlashAuthBetaBugs@adobe.com.

              In response to your questions.

              The images in illustrator are copied straight into flash, we do not import the image.
              It is after that point that we have issues with saving.

              There is no further editing in illustrator and reimporting.
              It is only if the images have effects on them that this issues seems to be occuring.

              It also appears to rectify the issue if the illustrator assets are removed from flash. 

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                Sukhi12 Level 1

                Hi Chris,


                Thank you for the email update . Can you please resend me the Fla file and images from illustrator again  looks like it didn't go through last time ?


                One more question : When you Copy / paste from Illustrator do you anytime undo and redo copy /paste ?


                Do you move your Illustrator  assets in different folder in the library ?




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                  Chris_Thodesen Level 1

                  Hi Sukhbir,


                  I have resent the email with just one of the offending fla's in a .zzz file.


                  In response to your question,


                  We do not undo/redo the copy and paste into flash,
                  however  there are times when trying to paste illustrator assets into flash does not work,
                  in which case we go back to illustrator and copy again, and retry pasting into Flash.


                  I hope that information helps.


                  In our most recent projects we have avoided copy and pasting from illustrator into
                  the main build of our flash and the saving issue has stopped, which confirms our
                  suspicions about the bug being linked to illustrator.


                  Edit: I would like to add that although this workaround resolves the issue, it adds a lot
                  of extra effort and slows down productivity, if theres anything we could do to continue
                  being able to copy and paste from illustrator to flash, if you could let me know it would be greatly appreciated.