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    InDesignCS5 Animations, image rotation


      Hey everybody,

      Im working on an InDesign presentation to use a flash export to make into a website. I've got it all mapped out pretty well, but I've got a problem with  doing animations for images. I'd like to rotate through 5 or 6 images all on the same page.


      When I export this to Flash, it seems as though the buttons do not follow through so I dont know if I can work on it in there.


      Thanks for your help.


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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You're not describing well what you've created. First you say you've created animations. Then you say the buttons don't export to Flash Professional.


          Can you give us a picture of the layout and a more complete description of what you're trying to do.


          You can use the "camera" icon in the Reply window to attach a picture:



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            Sao2123 Level 1


            Thanks for your reply, and sorry for the convoluted question.



            This should help speed things up.

            I've got page set up here with the buttons on the left, the page you're currently on shows up with a blue background as seen above. This part I have working just fine in InDesign and upon export from InDesign, it still works.

            I'm trying to get the images you see labeled 1-6 to cycle through, with about 3-5 seconds spent on each (the amount of time for each image will be the same)

            I've been able to use the "Animation" panel in InDesign to create a kind of binary condition, two pictures can cycle back and forth depending on wether or not they're being hidden or made visible in the buttons, but I've been unable to cycle through more than two that way.


            Additonally, I have no experience with Flash, but noticing that this is a somewhat easy thing to accomplish in flash, I've exported the file to flash. However, upon saving out for the web, the buttons that you see on the left hand side (the blue background that I talked about above) has ceased to work, so I fear that this may be a project best accomplished solely within InDesign.


            Thanks for your help,