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    are color settings stored within indesign documents

    c.pfaffenbichler Level 8

      Good day!

      I might have done a more thorough search, but as we use Indesign in a non-english version I may have problems there anyway, so if the issue has been addressed previously could someone please point me to a pertinent thread?


      Anyway, our problem is this:

      A customer provided indd-files and we populated it with rgb-images of various spaces (ECI RGB v2, which is our RGB working space, and Adobe RGB) and exported x-1a pdfs.

      Those pdfs showed erroneous separation for the Adobe RGB-files.

      Our Color Settings are set to Preserve Embedded Profiles for RGB-mismatches.

      But newly imported RGB-files seem to always get set to Document Space in those documents.

      So the indd-files seem to maintain the Color Management Policies of the application as of the time of its creation and disregard the current settings.


      Can this be remedied for those files?


      Thanks in advance for any feedback.