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    No Permission to Copy...


      I have followed all procedures. I have even used my DE to read books previously on my Nook. Now, however, my latest library books will not copy to my Nook. I did read the previous thread and saw that only one of the books would copy due to author's allowances for copying. BUT my issue still remains that the other book will not copy. WHAT'S UP? I have even try to uninstall and reinstall ADE. I haven't been able to reauthorize my Nook through any of the process. It recognizes and opens my Nook through ADE so again....What am I doing wrong and how do I fix it?

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          Coincidentally, someone else posted on this same topic today.


          Logically, if everything else worked in the past, and you're having problems

          now, logic says something changed.  Deleting and reinstalling ADE is

          probably not the solution, because it was working before and you hadn't done

          anything to the installation.  So, I have to turn to the source of the

          books.  You've said both library books won't copy, and you've checked

          author's permissions and found one that should, but doesn't.  So, logically,

          I would look at the source of the material and ask them whether they've done

          anything to their software.  That software adds information to the file that

          contains author/publisher permissions to indicate that the ebook has a

          'lifespan' on your computer, and I've found that, if the clocks in both

          places are off, some library books won't function correctly on your

          computer.  I've had that problem before, and when I contacted the

          library, we discovered that some updates to the library software corrupted

          that portion of the file, which could cause problems like you're having.  It

          took some digging to get there.


          Hope this helps!