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    Snippet from Homesite

    plarts Community Member

      How to get existing Homesite snippet to CFbuilder ?

      I have hundred of snippet, I do not want to loose.


      Thanks for any help.


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          charlie@carehart.org CommunityModerator

          Pierre, when I googled to see if anyone may have an answer, I see that the first result (searching for coldfusion builder snippets homesite) was in fact an Adobe forum thread from last year where you asked this same question.




          There, Rob Brooks-Bilson offered a solution that you said you'd take a look at. How did that go? I realize it may be that you lost track of it and are facing the challenge again.


          While he shows doing it from HS+ to CFEclipse, note that CFB and CFEclipse are both Eclipse-based IDEs, so what applies to one often applies to another.


          (That said, the second link is to a discussion of more specifically moving snippets from CFE to CFB: http://forums.adobe.com/message/2111627)


          I don't see too many other people offering a solution, but let's start by seeing if the above works for you.


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            plarts Community Member

            You are right,

            I will review this.

            Because I was back to Homesite.

            I will try to (and force me) to use CFbuilder.

            A tool change take much time to get new habits.