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    Export book to .swf

    Nina_Storm Level 1

      CS5 (7.04) on Mac


      I have created a rapport for print, made of 9 documents collected in a book.

      As it is also meant for pdf reading I created buttons of all index lines, and a button "go to index" on all master pages.


      I should like to create a traditionel single page interactive pdf as well as a .swf file.

      Problem 1:

      But if I export the book for print pdf (selecting all interactive elements in the pdf set up) my buttons doesn't work.

      Does button only function if I exported as Interactive pdf? Do I have to create simple hyperlinks if exported to print pdf even if interactive elements are choosen?


      Problem 2:

      And from the book fly-out palette I cannot choose .swf files.

      Do I have to collect all documents in one doc to create a singel .swf file?


      Nina Storm