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    PDF form returned as XML


      I made a PDF fillable form. I sent it out to all of our members. Now what I'm getting back is xml data, not the form filled in as a PDF. Is there anyway to fix this now so that I get it back as a PDF form ?

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          Hodmi Level 4

          You have to change the form and specify what is submitted.


          Open the form in Adobe Designer.  Find your "Submit" button and select it.

          Look at the Object panel (choose Window -> Object from the tool bar if you don't see it).

          If the button is of type "HTTP Submit Button" or "Email Submit Button" change it to "Button"

          In the Object panel set the Control Type to Submit.  That should make a "Submit" tab appear in the Object panel

          Choose the Submit tab.  Set the Submit to URL field (use the mailto: prefix if submitting through email).

          In the Submit As dropdown choose PDF.

          Save the PDF.


          It will now submit the entire PDF to the URL rather than just the XML data

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            Ganesh Prakash

            How to returned get as xml data from pdf acrobat reader.is it possible

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              Jasmin Charbonneau Level 4

              I'm not sure I understand the question but the submit on the PDF will dictate whether you're going to receive XML or the entire PDF. This is just a configuration of the submit button.