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    Sudden problem with permissions

    VickyC112 Level 1



      Was working on an Indesign file this morning and when I came to open it again this afternoon I got this message...


      "Cannot open the document...

      You may not have permission or the document may be open already"


      I have no idea why this has happened, I've not changed anything in the system preferences to do with permissions and the document is definitely not already open.


      I've tried quiting and restarting InDesign but that didn't fix anything.


      Can anyone help? I really need to open this file again!!!

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          John Hawkinson Level 5

          Network? Other network users?

          Is there a .IDLK file in the same directory? If so, exit InDesign, delete the .IDLK file (or move it aside if you like), and restart InDesign.


          Also, you could try copying the file in the Finder/Explorer.


          It's also good to have your operating system version and exact InDesign version (like CS5 7.0.3).

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            VickyC112 Level 1

            Hi John


            Started Mac up this morning and the InDesign file opened without any problems. Think it may have been due to network issues, as during the time I was working on the file the IT dept had set up access to a network folder on my Mac, so this is probably the most logical explanation. I've not accessed the network folder this morning and the InDesign file has been ok.