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    InDesign CS5 Smart Guide Bug when resizing proportionally


      We noticed a major bug using smart guides in InDesign CS5:


      We tried to resize proportionally a vector-object (just a typographic Logo) holding down the "Shift"-Key.

      Having Smart Guides turned on the Logo snaps to different positions. Sometimes the Logo snaps to a position where the logo isn't scaled proportionally any more, although I'm still holding the Shift-Key. As soon as I let go the mouse button I can see my logo unproportionally scaled – still holding zhe shift key.

      This happens for exapmle when the smart guide shows me that a certain height is achieved (green arrows that indicate a certain height). So the logo is scaled to this height, but the proportions hight/width don't fit anymore…


      This must be a bug. We already noticed that sometimes the proportions of objects weren't 100% right after scaling but we couldn't explain this.


      Is this bug known. Does someone eles have the same issues?


      We use InDesign CS5 on different MacPro Systems (OS X 10.6.7): same bugs on different machines…