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    Simple?  View two pages side by side with gap

    quoz Level 1

      This has me feeling very very stupid.  Tired on a Friday, so I'm probably overlooking the obvious.


      I have two pages in my InDesign document. They will become a two-sided hinged poster.  The two posters have to look good side-by-side and will have some continuity from #1 to #2, but will NOT butt together.  Each page/poster will be printed as a separate document (bleed all sides).


      The person who requested this artwork will be coming down to view it on screen.  All I want to do is let them view these pages on screen side-by-side with a small gap in between, so they can get the idea of how posters will look when printed and hinged.


      Not as a spread where they butt up to each other.

      Not one page after the other vertically.


      I just can't figure out how to do this.


      Thank you.