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    Styles set up properly, other computer changes to Arial 13pt, no overrides to clear

    kellyjaye1 Level 1

      Strange situation...I created a document using proper use of paragraph styles with CS4 and everything is perfect.  I sent the file to someone else to use and edit.  They are not as fluent with ID and they have some strange setups that they are not even understanding but for some reason now when they create a new text box or paste in new text, and apply ANY style, it shows up as Arial 13pt instead of the Optima 11.5pt.  All the other text using that style seems to hold out, its just any new text he adds does this.  Normally for something like this, I would click the style and select "Clear Overrides" but it doesnt think it has anything to clear because there is no + next to the style name.  That goes for the text that was already there and correct, and for the new text he has added that is incorrect...there is no + showing for the style on either.  He does have the proper fonts installed so I know its nothing to do with that.  When viewing the properties for the style, it does say Optima 11.5pt as it should.


      He has saved the file and sent it back to me and I see everything he was talking about now.  I still have my original file which still works fine and sent it back to him to see if it still does this...waiting to hear back.  All I can think is he has some strange settings that are doing this.  Have already discovered a few others that we already fixed.  Any thoughts??