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    Importing .docx files into InDesign CS4




      I have been getting more .docx files from clients and I couldn't import them into my CS4 documents. So I decided to upgrade my Word 2004 to the latest version, which, for Mac, is Office 2011. So I update.


      I still can't import .docx files.


      I select "Place," and I get the dialog box to place. I choose the file that I want "myfile.docx" and.... nothing happens. No error message, nothing. I can import .doc files, but not docx.


      I can open the files in Word 2011 and save them as .doc, but when I open, the file name at the top of the window says, "Compatibility Mode." And (according to my client) the formatting gets screwy: Indents missing where they should be, extra spaces before periods.


      This isn't an easy client to work with, so I'd appreciate any advice that would facilitate my being able to use their .docx as is without having to convert.


      Thanks in advance.