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    Why can't I get a video signal from the firewire output?


      I have Premiere Pro CS 5.5 and the Matrox mxo2 mini. I also have a GTX 470 cuda card. I can capture from firewire, I can capture and output to the mxo2 mini, but the firewire output from premiere won't give me a video signal. It's as if the software isn't mapping the output to the firewire device. I've tried two different recording devices, so I know it isn't that. I've tried using an HDV project, a standard DV project, I've set the project to output DV preview in the playback settings. I've even gotten to where I'm testing with just "color bars" with a full work area render to make sure it's not because of incompatible footage. I've tried every setting in Premiere that I can think of. Do I need to disable the mxo2 mini somehow? Could there be a setting somewhere that I missed?


      And, yes, I know that the matrox device will give me output, but I need to record to an HDV VTR using the firewire port...because that's the only way the machine will take HD input (why they didn't put an HDMI, or component input on the machine I don't know). So, I have to make the firewire output from Premiere work somehow.


      I have a post on the Matrox MXO board as well. I'm very puzzled by this!