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    Previewing HD in a third monitor


      I know this has been asked here before. I've searched for it in the forums but I still have some doubts about it.


      First of all. These are my specs:
      Windows 7
      Mother Board: ASUS M4A77D
      AMD Phenom 9650 Quad-Core Processor: 2.30 Ghz
      RAM: 4.00 Gb
      Video Card: Nvidia GeForce 9400 GT


      I work with two monitors and I have a third monitor that I use with firewire to preview my editing through a Mini DV cam, but I'd like to make the preview in HD. I've read that I need another Video Card, but my MotherBoard just have 1 PCI Express port, so, I think I can't do that


      I'm doubting about some solutions I've read here, and I'd like to be clear before to proceed:


      - I've read about the BlackMagic Design Intensity Shuttle, but I'm not sure about it because everywhere I read, there are a lot of complains about it because of its bad customer service, and I live in Colombia, South America... So I think it will be more difficult to me. Besides, what will happen when Windows comes up with a new version and the new drivers that Blackmagic will need.


      - The other solution I've read about is to get a new videocard, but as I mentioned before, my MotherBoard just support 1 PCI Express. So, I'd had to change my motherboard too. And the new MB I've found use DDR3 or above to the memory cards, so I'd have to buy new RAM too.


      I know too that the new videocard must be compatible with the old one because it must use the same drivers. How can I know that before buying it? The one that I have has a few years old right now.


      So... I'm not sure about it.
      What are your experiences about this? What should I do?
      I hope you can help me. I want to go on with this topic until I understand all of this.


      Sorry for my long message


      I thought about posting links to the Motherboards and Videocards I'm thinking about but I don't want to make this longer.