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    Font Management

    LouWrench Level 1

      I have been using Linotype font explorer X, for font management, but the freebie doesn't play nicely with OS 10.6 and now we are going into 10.7!
      Years ago Apple said they were going to take care of font management in their OS 9! I use Adobe CS 5 and Adobe stopped production on their font management system at the time Apple made that commitment. (I think it was Adobe and OS 9!)
      What is simple, elegant and automatic? I have a million fonts (not quite, but it feels like) in all different parts of my hard drive, collected over the last 23 years, some complete, some working, some not. I would love an app that took ALL my fonts put them in a small corner of my hard drive and sorted them for me! Launched them when I need them turned them off when I don't.
      I would appreciate some input, or is this a subject that has been exhausted in the past?

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          mckayk_777 Level 2



          I gotta say that since spending the money on Font Explorer X I have not looked back, it does almost everything, it does collect all your fonts and organises them into folders A - Z it can automatically activate fonts that the adobe suite asks for and more (adobe suite is mostly all i use).

          Ever since buying this product I have saved countless hours managing fonts.

          I just wish it had a font recognistion side of the program.

          Will look forward to finding out if the bought program works with 10.6 & 10.7 as one day the boss may outlay a little dosh so I can upgrade this computer.


          A lot of your fonts are probably too old for 10.6&7 I used font doctor to check my fonts and clean up any unusable ones.

          If font explorer X Pro works with 10.6&7 then spend the money the freedom and ease of use is worth every cent.

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            LouWrench Level 1


            I am using Font Explorer on "Trial" at the moment and have discovered the A-Z filing of my fonts into one folder, and it works great... but it does file duplicates of each font it finds as "Hevetica folder", "Helvetic folder 2", "Helvetica folder 3", etc. I still have to find a solution to that, I have a list of over 38 000 fonts, so streamlinig that would be nice. I will be purchasing this app

            Thanks again


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              mckayk_777 Level 2

              Was going to say WOW who would ever need that many fonts.

              Then just outta curiousity I did a getinfo on my directory of fonts and would you believe it... 29,526 items

              Not sure if this option is in the trial version but... In conflicts you can select Conflict type: Duplicates and scan for them.

              Font Explorer will give you a list of all duplicates then you can select the ones you wish to remove All occurrences of the duplicates in existing set will be exchanged with the remaining font.

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                Scott Falkner Level 5

                Font Doctor will scan one folder or several and consolidate the results into one library. Duplicates will be skipped and fonts can be sorted into vendor folders. Orphaned font files (PostScript fontws missing sceen fonts or vice-versa) are moved to anothe rfolder outside of the new library. It does not find all duplicates becasue some fonts might have different version numbers. But if you run your library through Font Doctor you will save time and be closer to a cleaner library.

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                  LouWrench Level 1

                  great Idea two apps to do a complete job on my fonts

                  thanks for the input