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    Get Error 5 when Launching RoboHelp HTML 9


      I just installed RH9, on a Windows XP (SP3) system, and I'm getting an Error 5 message that simply says uninstall and reinstall when I try to open RoboHelp HTML. I can't open the program.


      I previously had RHx5 which I uninstalled, prior to installing this. I've uninstalled and reinstalled several times with the same result. My system meets the basic system requirements. I have plenty of hard drive space and RAM (3GB). I also just installed the latest RH9.01 update. I can't open RoboHelp for Word either. No error message, it jus doesn't open. FYI, I'm using Word 2007.


      I can't find much on this error in regards to RH9 in the Adobe KB. Any solutions?