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    Moving A/V into different tracks at the same time??




      I have been using premiere pro on and off for a bit now because of its easy integration with other Adobe Applications.  However I still found FCP to be a faster editing program (in terms of quick key functionality)

      Now that FCP X has currently ruined my hopes and dreams of continuing using APPLE Programs I'm in the throws of fast-tracking my learning of Premiere.

      One things thats really bugging me is that I can't figure out how to move both linked audio and video to different tracks at the same time.  In FCP, if A/V are linked and from the same source file, they automatically move together i.e when I shift the video file up a track, the audio automatically moves down a track. This may seem like a minor issue, but when your editing all day, its the little things that count.


      I've tried adding similar audio tracks to the audio files, that didnt work.  I tried linking and unlinking.  I tried a variety of shift, option, control commands.

      This seems like a severe oversight, which is why I'm sure I'm just not pressing the right buttons to make it work.


      Can someone please help me here?