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    flash xml - not always loading


      I have a calculator that loads an xml file which contains a load of factors. If the user changes their details (age or sex) then it reloads this xml file to pull out the relevant factor.

      On my local disk this works fine. However, when on the server it will work 1 or 2 times accessing and parsing the xml file perfectly, but then will stop working and freeze for a while. It'll then work again for 1 time and then stop again and so on. I've attached the code that loads the xml file.

      The strange thing is that whether it's working or not it loads a 0 error code thing (success) and doesn't display "document failed" - but with the line of text I added to access childNode[50], it works ok 1 or 2 times, but is undefined when the calculator freezes.

      It seems flash is being a bit hit and miss at loading the xml file properly. Once it's loaded into flash should it be continually available or do I need to keep reloading it every time they change their details? If it's always available, that also doesn't seem to be working!

      Any ideas?
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          DuncanHL Level 1
          I have solved this I think - not entirely sure how.

          In the above code links to a function called processBook and passes through the value of book_xml. In declaring the processBook function I pull this into xmlDoc_xml (function processBook(xmlDoc_xml). Not entirely sure why as I borrowed that bit from a book.

          Anyway, I've removed the reference to xmlDoc_xml and replaced it with book_xml and it seems to work perfectly. I believe it the reason is that when it goes back to that function it looks for xmlDoc_xml which is only available the first time... something like that anyway...