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    Memory/resource management in Mac version of D11.5


      I have a Director project which loads significant text data for analysis. In the process of loading it creates new cast members filling them with data.


      With D11 and D11.5 after doing the import there appears to be not enough memory to keep all the important cast members and globals in memory.


      Originally this led to black screens where members did not load -- now I preload the movie so the black screens are gone.


      But key globals are not maintained so I now get script errors when trying to look at certain data.


      I have tried unloading the members that where created during the data load and setting the purge priority to 2 - next. I also tried creating empty cast members in advance to just dump the data into.


      I have increased the extra memory bit in the build screen to 3000000.


      None of this seems to help.


      The project is set up to save the data within itself on closing. So if I close the project and then reopen it --  all is fine and all data is available. ie Director has loaded only the cast members and globals needed and allocated memory needed.


      So why can't I get it to behave on the initial data import?


      The project has worked for years using Director MX 2004 but with Mac Lion and the demise of Rosetta that is no longer an option.


      BTW This is a Mac only problem and I have just enough Mac clients that I'm in trouble.