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    I'm looking for a way to automate coloring.


      I have a long list of names, and I'm looking for an automated way

      to color them each in a different color.


      I would like the colors I choose to alternate, for example:

      Every other name is 50% K, and every third name is 30% K.


      I got pretty close with converting the text into a table, however I was only able

      to control the table-cell fills and table-cell strokes.

      (You can automatically alternate them any way you want).

      I searched all over and I couldn't figure out a way to control the text itself.


      Grep,  Tables,  External script perhaps?


      Any and all answers/ideas/suggestions are greatly appreciated.

      Thanks in advance






      I posted this question in the scripting forums.

      -If this is a forum no-no- I apologize.

      Since I got no answers I figured I was posting in the wrong place.