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    I need help using Flash :'(


      Hi There,


      I need help using flash. Can someone please help me in making a Expert system in Flash. If you don't know what an expert system is, heres the definitionhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Expert_system and this is a example of what I am trying to do http://www.maybelline.com.au/WHAT_S_NEW/Dream_Foundation.aspx. Please reply ASAP as this project is due very soon.



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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant

          In the past two days you have posted this question, or one just like it, to a number of the Flash forums here, 15 times. You have sent private messages to me and, I'm guessing, a number of other posters on these forums. I'm also guessing that you have posted to bunch of other Flash related forums, though I haven't looked. You have had one response in the Flash forum where an interested individual tried, desperately hard and with great diligence, to engage you in your ability level, your experience, and your understanding of the problem that you, poorly, described and your ability with Flash.


          In response, you were argumentative and childish. Ultimately, when the responder to your enquiry asked you a series of specific questions, you ended the conversation. Most of the people who engage in the Adobe forums are honest and realistic people who are genuinely interested in furthering the knowledge base for Flash. At times that becomes difficult. Your enquiry in case: you ask for information for building an expert system in Flash. If you have even the most fundamental understanding of software design, you should know, as you profess to know, that an expert system is simply the refinement of the granularity of the filtering of decisions. In a simple system like Flash and particularly using Actionscript, this means that you set up a series of if... then... decision trees. 30 seconds in the on-line help would have been sufficient to find that information.


          I'm not really sure what your intentions are, but, as you've seen, you've managed to piss me off, you've poluted these Adobe forums with a bunch of duplicate questions that will now show down anyone genuinely searching for a similar solution, and, you've wasted a great many people's time who mistakenly selected and read your question(s). But most of all, you've wasted the time of an earnest person who spent the time and effort to answer your question and qualify your needs so that they could be responsibly met.


          In a couple of years, you'll discover girls and your whole world will change, again. What you really need to do now is to formulate a really good excuse for your junior-high instructor about why you don't have your homework completed on time.

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            Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Kudos Rob (and Andrei for your role as the artful dodger)... this perrson sent me a personal message yesterday asking if I could help to which I answered "no", and then today changes his name and sends another.  Someone needs a clue... hopefully you've provided a good one.

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              lol.  i recognized this person as someone trying to get others to do their work when he posted his first message.  and like you guys, he's pm'd me multiple times and i've seen him post duplicate messages.  and like you guys i had to ask him more-and-more bluntly to not pm me.