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    Designing for Mobile Applications


      I have a basic 6 page web site for our organization.  Since many of our members now use their smart phones for web browsing I am thinking of adjusting my site to accomodate them.  Since I have never designed for mobile applications I just wanted to get some professional feedback so I know the proper path to take. The site is a simple three-column layout with header and footer, primarily text with scattered graphics.


      My first thought is to just redesign the site with a smaller overall size so it would be viewable in smaller devices, such as smart phones and IPods.  Although it would require a total re-design change as far as layout and reduced use of graphics, it wouldn't take me long to create since the site is small to begin with.


      My second option is to use a mobile template via jQuery.  However, I have never used jQuery and am wondering if re-designing my site using jQuery would be the preferred route to go, or overkill due to the small size of my site.


      I guess my question is this:  At what point does it become preferable to use jQuery to design mobile web sites, as opposed to just re- creating a smaller physical version of  my current web site?  Or does using jQuery for mobile design the accepted common practice?


      I'd appreciate anyone's professional opinion on the subject.  Thanks.