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    2 basic questions for pros...manage long texts and Indexing?

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      First of all, thanks for helping me, and taking the time to read.


      I need your help.


      I am familiar with Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and lately, I got into InDesign CS3. SO I am pretty green.


      I just got this contract for this client, that requires a 80 pages document. It is the first time I do something that big, and I think Indesign is the right tool.


      PROBLEM 1

      I need to copy/paste the text into these pages. I created the various template pages ok.


      The text is very long, and may change. How does it go from one page to the next, without having me to cut the text below, above, and make sure I do not duplicate text. You see what I am doing right?


      The thing is that the text will get revised by the client, and if they add 5 lines on page 5, I don't want to change all the following 75 pages...


      I am sure there is a way of doing it. Please explain with LOTS of details. Tell me: you do this, this, this...



      PROBLEM 2

      In this text, there are names that I wish to put in an index at the end. So that every names of person, are listed on the last page, with the page # they appear on. Again, I would do it manually, but I am sure there is a better way. Please explain with LOTS of details. Tell me: you do this, this, this...


      THANKS SO MUCH for your help, you have no idea how I appreciate.


      Best regards



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          Copy paste is a very inefficient method for getting your text into the document. If the text exists as some sort of external word-processor or text document, you will want to PLACE that rather tha paste it into a frame. If you hold down the shift key while clicking the loaded text cursor, ID will fill your fiirst frame, then add new frames and new pages, all linked together,until all the text is placed. If you alread have pages with frames on them, you might want to hold the Alt/Opt key instead. This will fill one frame, leaving the rest of the text in an active loaded text cursor for you to pick the next frame.


          If you must copy paste, paste the ENTIRE text into the first frame. You'll see a red plus sign in the lower right (the overset indicator). Click this indicator with the Selection tool (black arrow) to pick up the overset text into a loaded cursor, and proceed as above. I recommend you read about text in the Help files, or purchase a good beginner book like Sandee Cohen's visual Quickstart Guide to InDesign. If you prefer video, Lynda.com is the palce to go.


          Indexing is too comples for a full explanation here. It's also covered in the help files. Read them, then come back with specific questions, if you have any.