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    Adobe Reader X standalone client does not recognize default browser.


      Adobe Reader works fine if I'm on a webpage and open a PDF. It opens in the browser as it should.


      I have PDF files on my hard drive. I can start up Adobe Reader from the desktop and read them, but if I click a link inside the PDF, it opens in Internet Explorer which is not my default browser. I use Firefox as my browser.


      Reader 9.4 works great but this new one doesn't cut it and Adobe doesn't provide any support for it that I can find.


      I am using Firefox 3.6.18 on Windows Vista. I have reset my default browser several different ways now. I've made IE the default and then Firefox again. I've gone into Firefox options and told it to Check to be sure it is default. I've gone into default programs and re-chosen Firefox. Nothing has worked.


      I have 2 questions:


      1) Does anybody know how to actually contact Adobe about Reader?


      2) Does anybody know a setting for Reader anywhere that I can tweak to fix this? I'm not afraid of the registry but I'm not going to experiment in it either.