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    flashutil11a_activeX.exe & Flash11a.ocx!DllUnregisterServer CPU issues


      I see two issues with some flash components, probably connected.


      Windows 7 x64, SP1
      Internet Explorer 9.0.1


      1) - flashutil11a_activeX.exe when I open up internet explorer it does not start, good.  When I go to a web site that requires flash, it starts up and works as I would expect.  The issue is when I close down all internet explorer browsers, the flashutil11a_activeX.exe is still running, and consumes 1.8-2% cpu - it stays open around 50% of the time, it does seem to shut itself down half the time.

      2) - I see a 18-19% cpu usage Under the iexplore.exe process, I see multiple threads with a start address of IEFRAME.DLL, the stack thread shows a bunch of Flash11a.ocx!DllUnregisterServer - this never shutdowns even if I have no internet explorer programs open, just wastes 18-19% cpu..


      Anyone else see these issues?