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    Reduce Help Maintenance

      My last post thread drifted a bit off topic, so I thought I'd post this again. Because I would be very interested in feedback on this point.

      Would you be able to use a cell shaded screen shot that didn't need to be updated with the software, but gave a good representation of the screen. The result being less maintenance and localisation issues.

      Two posts about the technique:

      http://techwritetips.wordpress.com/2006/02/21/best-practice-screen-shots-vs-screen-portrai ts/

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          I've always fought with developers and marketers, who insist on plastering the help with their "babies." My view is, if I'm not explaining the title bar, Minimize/Maximize/Cancel buttons, the status bar, and every perfectly self-evident control like Name, Address, Type, etc., or even read-only fields populated from parent windows, why the heck should I provide a picture of them?

          I strive to only display the minimum window portions that actually relate to the discussion in the text. You can also do a lot in creating a pseudo-screenshot, with tables, forms, rules, shading, and borders. Then, maintenance is done in your text editor instead of a graphics tool. The content also achieves results in a Search.

          BTW, whoever's submitting most of the content in that web site could certainly use the services of a copy editor.

          Good luck,