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    Problem with Code

    Abdlah Level 1
      Passing the relevant URL variable to my form page, I am trying to allow the user to upload multiple images to my site. I try to achieve this through making my form submit to itself for processing after selecting the related files. For ease of processing, I attempt to rename each of the uploaded files on the fly.

      My problem is that I am finding it difficult to debug my code. I get an error that The form field XXX did not contain a file. even though I selected a file.

      Initially, I was checking if the form field is empty (now commented out), and if so I was to ignore the upload, but I got an error that the field was not defined - this I understood though, for I was created the field name of the fly and making it dynamic, so I hadn't declared it earlier. My question then is, how do you solve the problem of declaring a variable that is created on the fly dynamically?

      I appreciate any help and sorry that my code long.

      nb: my code is based on that of Charles Kaufmann which I got from devshed.com