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    Problem printing with CS4


      I'm primarily a web designer so I'm not really up on InDesign. I have a couple of print jobs and am having trouble printing to an old HP Laserjet. When I try to print from Indesign, the printer goes through all it's stuff, blinking lights etc but then just goes back to ready without printing anything. No error message. If I open another document and print all the elements one by or in groups, they print fine. It's when I try to print the entire document, that it refuses to print. I can reproduce this over and over again w3ith just about any document. Could it be a memory issue with the printer? It's a 600 dpi printer (90 line) with 6 megs of ram.


      Every other app I have, including PS, AI, Offiice, etc, have no problems printingto the HP. On InDesign. If I create a pdf from the document and print from Acrobat, the document prints fine. Any ideas?




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          Stix Hart Level 5

          It could well be the printer, especially since you say it's "old".  Try updating your printer drivers to the latest available, otherwise you've already found the best work around, exporting to PDF first.

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            mmorse22 Level 1

            I tried but the only driver now avavilable is a gutenberg driver. When I tried it, the printer actually printed a page but there was nothing on it. So I went back to a generic postscript driver. Guess I'll just have to go the extra step and create a pdf when I need to print an InDesign file. Just seems a bit strange when the other apps in CS4 work but InDesign doesn't.