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    InDesign CS5.5 - locked objects and align tools not working together

    Mr. Andersson

      In earlier versions of InDesign I used the Align palette, spacing 0 mm, and "dragged in" other objects to perfect fit to the center object. InDesign drags in objects from the right this way. So if I needed to drag in objects from the left side I locked the center object first and InDesign understood what I wanted to do.


      In CS5 and 5.5 this is not possible anymore. If I lock an object it is not selectable. But there is a preference setting for this so I change it. Now I can select the locked object. But when I try to align it with another object there is an error message saying I can't move this object because it i locked. Well... I am not trying to move it hence the lock I applied...


      I don't understand this changed behaviour. If a locked object is out of play I might as well use the layer palette and lock objects that way.


      Could someone please shed some light on this?