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    DVD Distribution

    TEGFastener Level 1

      I'm considering purchasing eLearning suite but can't find out if it will enable me to package the completed training course onto DVD. Does anyone know if it has this capability? Thanks!

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          Steve Howard, ACP Level 3

          If you mean onto a DVD that you pay on your TV, then no.


          Can you elaborate, though? Because generally speaking the answer is

          yes if you want to play it on a PC. But there are so many variables,

          you really need to explain in more detail what is on your mind before

          anyone can give you a clear answer.



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            TEGFastener Level 1

            Hi Steve. Thanks for your response. We were hoping to produce a DVD that could be played on either a PC or on TV (through a DVD player). But, I think as long as it could play on PC, it would work fine. Selling our training product as a DVD was our initial plan, although as I'm learning more about e-learning, I'm finding out about all the options (but it's a huge learning curve and our most of our potential clients aren't terribly computer savvy). Any recommendations you have would be very helpful.



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              Steve Howard, ACP Level 3

              Well if you want it to play on TV, you are basically looking at

              creating video only. An 'interactive' DVD (something like a DVD menu

              that's has more things to click on) is pretty agonizing and really

              only lets you watch video, and make the occasional choice (click on

              the right answer). I'd avoid that. As a learning experience, it may

              actually teach pretty well, but is not so engaging or rewarding as

              what can be delivered via computer.


              If you want to really create educational content, there are literally

              hundreds (and thousands) of things you can combine to create great

              educational content - eg video, animation, interactive demonstrations,

              games, documents, cool web ages ... just exactly what is best depends

              on what you are teaching and who you are teaching it to.


              Then there are questions like, do you want to deliver to sexy,

              small-market devices like the iPad, or do you want to support 'every'

              desktop or laptop, or are you even interested in delivering to

              phones... The eLearning Suite had the tools for all of these options

              and more.


              This is an OLD demo (2009) but it walks you through significant

              features of the eLearning Suite version 1. The current version of the

              suite is largely the same, with various improvements.