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    HD Quality Videos for Facebook


      I am new at this stuff. Please forgive me if I ask a silly question.


      I am attempting to render a 6 minute video for use on Facebook. The original footage came from a Flip HD. When I first rendered it the quality on Facebook was horrible. After adjusting the rendering specs (using Flash as the output format), I am looking at over a three hour render time! I am sure I am doing something wrong.


      What are the best settings for uploading an HD video to Facebook?



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          First, you must ensure your PROJECT SPECS match the camcorder. Premiere Elements 9 includes project presets for Flip video. If your project is set up right, you won't see red lines above the clips on your timeline until you add effects to them. Is that the case for your video?


          If so, these specs, from the FAQs to the right of this forum, will give you the best results.


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            Gizmo927 Level 1

            Thank you for the quick response!


            When I initiated the project I set it up for Flip Mino HD - which is what I am using. I did not have any red lines that I remember. Currently, the only red lines I have are over the transitions, except for one clip (and I have not figured out why that one is there). I changed the sequence order of some of the clips, removed some entirely, and trimmed some of them time-wise. Nothing overly sophisticated.


            Is it typical for a 6 minute HD video to take over three hours to render so that it will look good on Facebook? I am willing to start over from scratch if I need to, but I want to make sure what I am doing is actually going to help. Any help on the proper setting would be greatly appreciated.


            Thanks again for your help.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              That seems like an excessive rendering time -- but it depends how fast your machine is.


              Hi-def video can take quite a while to render as H.264.

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                Gizmo927 Level 1

                I think I figured it out.


                I am rendering into a FLV file and enlarging the frame size to 1280x720 to make it equal to the initial files. I basically was able to keep all the other variables at their initial settings (I may have adjusted the bitrate up to 1,500). It took a very manageable 30 minutes to render the clips with quality identical to the original files from my Flip. It looks good on Facebook. So far so good.


                Thanks for helping me and allowing me to feel like I am not alone!