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    Cannot capture Video on PE9

    Back woodsman

      I am not a rookie at this I had premier 6.0 for years with DV 500 and the blue box.  Great system.   My coputer after 10 years finally went out.  None of my old stuff works on my brand new PC.   I bought PE9 - not sure if i made the correct move.  I have a JVC mini DV - bought a gigawar inbox for the s cable and audio - PE9 does not pic it up.  I can caputre video on Gigaware's program  and transfer it to PE9 the quality is aweful.  I need to capture it directly to PE9 just like i did in premier 6.0 - I seen one thread on using a firewire but my new desktop computer does not have a fire wire slot.  I have a new still canon camera that will take a little video - did some - pulled the card out put it in my sytem - PE9 picked it up but said the format was not okay for PE9 any suggestions on how to capture?