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    Application will NOT run!!

    Adrien. Level 1

      So my application when i click run launchesa new tab in firefox only to be a white screen with nothing on it.


      How do I fix this?


      Yesterday my application would launch just fine. today it wont. even running the swf in the bin/debug folder, launches only to show a white screen.

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          Adrien. Level 1

          never mind its my binable statement. Apparently doing:



          public var apples:Array =["red"];


          and then down bellow:


                      <s:DropDownList x="124" y="100" id="myApples" dataProvider="{apples}"/>


          breakes the application and gives no errors...?? (I have also asked this question  in the flex forum

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            Rangora Level 3

            Probably because you try to set an Array as the dataProvider. dataProvider want an object that implements IList. Array doesn't.


            You must use ArrayCollection or ArrayList.