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    My new computer build, good bang for the buck?

    Islanders66 Level 1

      I'm just starting out with CS 5.5, need a new computer, and want a solid base for upgrading as I go. I think I'm on the right track but uncertain of the video card.


      Intel 970 six core


      Asus Rampage III 1366 X58 ATX


      MSI Lightning GTX 580 3072MB


      Asus PA246Q 24''


      #3 (total 24GB) G. Skill Ripjaws 8GB (2x4GB) 24O-Pin DDR3 1600 (PC312800) F3-1280CL9D08GBRL


      #6 Samsung F3 3.0 7200 32MB



      Corsair Series Gold 850 WAtt Power Suppy


      Antec Kuhlen H20 920 CPU Cooling System



      Logotec 500 corded mouse

      Logetec corded slim line back lit




      Lain Li A77F case






      I'm uncertain if the GTX 580 3GB video card ($475) is overkill? The other options are GTX 570 2.5 MB ($375) GTX 560 2MB ($225)


      I've read all the reviews but there are mostly gamers who have more than one card.


      Will the GTX 560 2MB be good enough? It's appealing because of the 2GB and the $225. If this could work for the next year few years then the GTX 580 may be down to $200. I just don't have much experience with video processing, how many layers I'll be using, etc. Or are all of these poor choices because they don't have the copper tubing?


      When I upgrade I'll add a RAID card. For now I'll just start with the 6 Samsung and use a few for backups as I go along. Maybe I'll need to order more or another external back up sooner than later. Hope that makes sense. My approach is to get started then upgrade. I don't need to win any bench mark test but want a computer that's reasonably fast, upgradeable, reliable and have a long life.


      Oh yeah, I had no idea about the keyboard and mouse so just went with a wired one as it will be on a desktop.


      So does this look like a well balanced approach? Does anything look excessive or insufficiant?


      Thanks for bearing with me. This forum has been a great resource! Of couse you recognize the parts from other recent builds. I've been doing a lot of reseach and really looking forward to getting this together.


      thanks again!

      John C


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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Go to the CS5 Benchmark http://ppbm5.com/ and check the results


          If it were me, I'd get the 560

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            Islanders66 Level 1

            Ok, appreciate the recomendation. Good, I'm glad the 560 is a good option. I’ve scrutinized the bench mark site. There was a 560 in the running for top ten but it had a 990 pushing it and a RAID so it was hard to compare. Also it doesn’t say how much VRAM. The 480s do well and the 580s and 570. However I didn’t see the 5.0 CS section.

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              Frédéric Segard Level 2

              Yep, recognised my build in some way!


              I don't think your system looks excessive (except for the oversized RAM on your GPU). But then, it all depends on what you will be doing? And what your footage's codec will be?


              Yes, 3GB of RAM is overkill and is not useful for MPE in general. Unless you will import 50 megapixel images. Check this out to know more about it: http://blogs.adobe.com/premiereprotraining/2010/07/maximum_dimensions_in_premiere.html Just make sure you have at least 1GB, 1.5GB is better to deal with most highres stills from most contemporary DSLRs. But of course, in practice, who imports 16MP+ pics in a timeline? Very rarely at least. I always shrink them appropriately. Worst case scenario, it's going to be rendering that portion. Out of the GTX series, my personal favorite is the 580 (I initially wanted the PNY water cooled version, coming out in a few weeks, which is clocked faster). But I agree that the 560 is a good choice too. Less expensive too. As for how many layers you can run on them depends on many things, such as your footage's codec, hard disk bandwith, proper configuration of the system, GPU, etc.


              You will be using the SATA II connectors on the mobo for the F3s? You know that the F3's are SATA II, right?  Will you be RAIDing them in any way? Or just in JBOD? If you think you will be buying a SATA III RAID card down the "short" road, you should think about getting SATA III disks.  And in the mean time, you could take advantage of the 2 SATA III connectors on your mobo for increased troughput. How are you planning your disk setup?


              I assume you will be overclocking the 970? If so, if you don't have much experience with it, may I suggest you find a reputable tech that knows what he or she is doing? it will be worth the price. Otherwise, you might risk damaging your components.

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                Islanders66 Level 1

                Yes, Frederic, some of the parts should look familiar! Your approach was really interesting how you were concerned about cooling and air flow. I actually had ordered most of it, including the MB, kayboard and mouse, last Thursday, then decided to go with the same case instead of the Half X and the CPU cooler, so I'm really glad you posted your system when you did.


                Really appreciate the feed back. As far as what codec I'll be using, I suppose the ones that are the most versatile and most often used. I would like it to be capable to handle professional work standards yet not overkill. Do most editors use native and a codec for ACHDV? I was planning on the AVID codec and probably the CinaForm. A week ago I was put off by spending $100 for a codec but now that I'm configuring the hardware that might be a good option. I just don't know how to put all this into perspective until I get a real idea of the work flow; if it will save minutes or hours off the edit time.


                I was confused about the disk performance. Thanks a bunch for pointing that out. I must have misunderstood some of the post, as I was under the impression that the SATA II disk 3.0 32 mb exceeded the throughput of the SATA connection, however you are saying that’s not the case with a RAID card, and that the RAID card with a decent disk set up would be best approach to improve the performance as opposed to more VRAM on the video card.


                I am planning a good raid configuration in the near future so will get the SATA III. It's nice to be able to upgrade like that. I also want a good RAID card and the RAID will be also for redundancy. I may even have to go with a 10000 RPM primary drive like yours as those appear to be a nice boost. I planned to start off with 4 disk set up with a few disk for backups and ordered 6 disk. I was going to look into that next and didn't even realize the SATA III was on the MB. I'll probably be shooting a lot just to learn how to process the video, and once I start processing quality video I'll upgrade the RAID and backup.


                Ok, off to see if I can cancel the Samsung order, gotta love Amazon for that.


                Have a great day and thanks again!

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                  Islanders66 Level 1

                  Almost forgot, I have no intentions to overclock this anytime soon. I'll plan to monitor the heat. Once I understand the workflow I'll be able to find more specific solutions to improve performance. I'll also get a technician, if its someting I can do on my own with the right research. thanks

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                    Frédéric Segard Level 2

                    I'm glad that my post helped you.


                    Do you have your own camera, or do you rent various cameras depending on the project? What's the typical project type you usually do, or plan to do? (Corporate, broadcast television, indy filmmaking, weddings, etc.) And who is you typical audience?


                    These types of questions, among others, will help determine your workflow, and overall system build. But your on the right track already, and changing the disks to SATAIII will help out in the long run.



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                      Islanders66 Level 1

                      I do have a Canon HV 40 HDV to learn on and thought it would be capable for instructional videos that will be my first project for a website with some kind of Youtube HD format, and some DVD or BR for people to play. Some local broadcast would be nice for outdoor adventure for educational channel. Special events would be possible although the HV40 may not be up for low lighting. Maybe later some kind of indi movie. I'll be trying to set up the external audio next with the HV40 and have friends with excellent audio equipment who record live concerts although I haven't approached them yet. So the limits of my expectations are some local broadcast. I did get the Production suit 5.5. I can sell the HV 40 on eBay for about what I paid, so am very comfortable with this approach. I'm not expecting to get a job as a video editor with my limited experience.


                      I'm am going for the SATA III drives. I'm hoping the cables come with the mother board. I had already ordered some off Amazon that were $1 each so I'm sure they aren't SATA III, although I could use them. Any suggestions on the cable and lengh? Alghouth that is a real basic question and I don't want to waste your time.


                      I'm still not sure about the video card. The 560 I mentioned is a EVGA with 2GB Ram for $225. I could save $25 and only get 1GB Ram. It also isn't a Ti and has 256 bit. The EVGA also has one fan with a case around it so don't know if heat would be an issue as opposed to having two fans. Some of the other cards, 560, 570, also don't say if they are CUDA or not. A 570 with more bits and 1GB VRAm is about $300. So should I just go with the EVGA 560 with 2GB?



                      Yes, I do plan to have some fun with it!

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                        Frédéric Segard Level 2

                        Standard 18" SATA cable lengh will do.


                        Any VRAM equal or above 1GB is good. Remember, VRAM does not help MPE in anyway, other then imported still size. And, who imports 16+ megapixel images on a timeline anyway, unless you need to really zoom in on a portion of it. Usual practice is to resize stills. Worst case, you'll end up rendering on those rare occation you put 16+ MP stills.


                        As for the GPU you choose, clock speed and VRAM asside, get the card with the most CUDA cores that you can afford, this is what will benefit you the most for MPE.

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                          Islanders66 Level 1

                          Thanks for all the advice. Parts are staring to trickle in.


                          Some minor updates:


                          I've decided to upgrade the PS to the 1250 gold. I'll have to return the 850. The on line calculations indicated over 10000 watts, so don't want to starve it.


                          Also should I get the i7 980 instead of the i7 970? The price is about $50 more for the new 980.


                          BTW, I got the Asus 570. It's the Eng model so takes up more room, like 2.5 slots. I hope there is enough room on the MB for this and adding the RAID card later. It appears to be a different PCI slot.


                          I haven't fired up the Asus monitor but it sure looks nice. I should have all the parts next week after a few more adjustments.

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                            Frédéric Segard Level 2

                            The 980x (like the 990x) has an unlocked multiplier, it's much easier to fine tune overclocking than a locked 970. So if you plan on overclocking, I think $50 is worth it.


                            As for the space, the RAMPAGE offers a lof of room to grow. Don't worry about it. Well, it depends if you're going to load it up with more then 4 cards?!?!

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                              Islanders66 Level 1

                              I wish the 980x was only $50 more! There is a new (non extreme) 980 that was introduced about a month ago to replace the 970 that has been discontinued.


                              970 3.2 gh, 24x locked, QPI 4.8


                              980 3.3 gh, 25x locked, QPI 6.4


                              Here is a YouTube clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3L9Rt8c4gks


                              I went ahead and ordered the 980 because I probably won't be overclocknig for a while.


                              That's good news about the Rampage. The Asus 570 is fricken huge! I probably won't be adding much more than the RAID card. Maybe a sound card, and whatever I may need that I'm not aware of yet, but 3 cards sounds like enough.


                              You sure have been a huge help. I also switched out the drives for the same Hatachi 7200 rpm that you got, that was about the same price as the slower and smaller ones I had.


                              So that should do it for me for now! In the end I upgraded the case and power supply. The knowledgable folks here have been very generous with their time!


                              Man, I'm glad I found this place and went with the Adobe software. BTW I used to have FrameMaker, the last version before Adobe discontinued the Mac version. I remeber the technical support was really good. I still use some of my Macs but glad I switched to Windows for video editing. This has been a lot of fun configuring the hardware.

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                                Frédéric Segard Level 2

                                Oh! Sorry for my misinterpretation of the 980 / 980x ;-)


                                I'm glad I helped out. And good luck with your build!