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    Mulitple Topics With Snippets Crash RH8

      If I have more than two topics that contain snippets open and I try to open a third topic - regardless of whether it contains a snippet - RH8 hangs. On my Windows box (Pentium Dual-Core, 2.6GHz; 3.25GB of RAM), the CPU usage jumps to 70-100%, and if I leave RoboHelp running, the Memory Usage continues to grow (from 200MB to 2GB) until I force the application to quit. I've replicated the problem on two other boxes.

      In RH7, I was able to open an unlimited number of topics regardless of whether they contained snippets. The latest release appears to have some sort of memory leak.

      Anybody else experience this? Does anybody have a recommended work-around besides not opening more than two topics at a time? If not, what's the best way to provide feedback to Adobe to let them know this is an issue?