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    Different lighting condition, same profiles.

    Marco N. Level 1

      I recently photographed a ColorChecker close to the lighing conditions described by the D75 and I adjusted the lightness and chroma of the grays patches maintaining calibration settings that I had calculated once in D50. Result: both images have the same average distance (dE00=1) from the ideal target values in D50:



      It seems that from D50 to D75 ACR produces the same D50 colors of the patches despite the light changes, but little or a lot (I'm not going to extract the data from raw) raw data files are different.


      The experience has been confirmed with ColorChecker Passport, in D50, D55, D65 and D75 it produces profiles so similar that the human visual system is unable to found differences.


      How can you explain this?


      Thank you