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    How to properly export a Flex and PHP project?

    Shailen TJ Level 1

      I started my project on my machine and now I need to continue the work on another machine.


      I selected my Flash Builder project (in the project explorer, it appears as a Flex folder and a PHP folder) and click export Flash Builder project. Onthe other machine, when I import the project, I get the PHP files incorporated in the Flex project. I do not want that. I need to import the project and have both folders separate.


      Now, although all files are present on the second machine, there is no PHP folder, (all my php services files are located under the /services folder under the imported Flex folder) and my Flash app complains about the missing gateway file. In the properties settings, I am unable to tell FB where my gateway.php file is located since there is no PHP folder.


      Can anybody assist me with this FB limitation?


      I am using FB for PHP 4.5 on both machines.