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    Reason for seeing the yellow traiangle '!' symbol on the form's 2nd page onwards?

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      I am developing an VISITOR Adobe Interactive Form, i have Designer 8.1 and Reader 9.0 in my Windows 7 Laptop. When i checked the menu EDIT-->form properties --> Compatability, its Adobe XML form File (XDP)

      When i opened this VISITOR interactive form in a browser, right clicking and checked form PROPERTIES, then i saw the "PDF Version: 1.6 (Acrobat 7.x)"


      I have designed the Master page with our company logo. I have increased the master page's 'MainContentArea' box size by dragging wider of box's horizontal line and vertical line (HEIGHT, WIDTH)


      1) I am seeing a yellow triangle symbol with '!' symbol, why am seeing it? is it bcz of increasing the MainContenetArea box size? this is not happening on 1st page, its happening 2nd page onwards!


      2) is it okay that increasing the MainContenetArea box size? pls let me know


      3) Some tomes, i am seeing yellow triangle symbol with '!' symbol for some fields of the interactive form, whts the reason pls?


      Thank you