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    difference between air and swf files

      what is actually the difference between air and swf files?
      let's say i have to make a desktop application in flash...
      i can export it as .exe, i can also run it as .swf, and as .air
      except for the cross-platform, what are the other advantages of developing air applications? i mean, i reall can;t see the difference between a flash application exported as .exe and .air...
      cand someone please explain me?
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          Joe ... Ward Level 4
          The main differences are:
          (as you mention) AIR applications are cross platform and can run on Windows, Mac, and Linux
          AIR takes care of installation and updates
          You get a slew of APIs not available in a Flash projector, including
          --Local database support
          --Complete file system access
          --Control over the window that your app is running
          --Various interactions with the operating system like drag-and-drop, menus, system tray or dock icons
          --Fewer security restrictions (possibly, I'm not sure which restrictions are relaxed for projectors)
          --Built-in HTML environment
          --Multiple windows
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            iulicush86 Level 1
            thanks for the answer, but i guess i wasn't very clear about what i wanted to ask:)

            well.. i'm quite new to adobe air... i just read a few things about it and watched a video tutorial, but i am quite familiar with flash, and some of the things you said there aren't related to flash, i think... the built in HTML... this is in Flex, right?
            maybe you didn't understand my question or i wasn't very specific... i wanted to know why shoud i export a .fla project to .air instead of .swf or .exe? i mean, i relate exclusively to flash, not flex or ajax application... just flash application...
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              Jeff Swartz Level 3
              The built-in HTML engine is not a Flex feature. It is available content is available to all content running in AIR (including content authored in Flash). Basically, it allows you to have a full HTML renderer (and JavaScript engine) in your SWF content.

              As Joe was saying, AIR applications have many more capabilities that are not available to Flash content published as an exe. All of the features he lists are available in AIR, but not in Flash content published as an exe. And they are available in AIR regardless of how the content is authored (in Flex, in Flash, etc).