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    Why won't Digital Editions recognize my nook?


      According to the

      information posted under "help", after I attach my nook, and then lauch my Digital Editions,

      a Dialog box should appear titled "Device Setup Assistant" that will allow me to proceed, and subsequently move my e-book into my nook. So far, Digital editions does not recognize my nook, (no nook icon appears) and there is no dialog box. What to do?

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          I have the same problem.


          I get the following message - E_Adept_Request_expired.


          I have tried everything I am considering buying paperbacks.


          Someone please help

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            I don't understand your comment below. It doesn't mesh with procedure.


            Let me make a couple of assumptions.  First, you just got your Nook.  Next

            you're trying to attach it to Digital Editions (ADE for short) 'right out of

            the box' so to speak....


            The procedure is to attach the Nook to the computer, and then go to B&N to

            get it activated.  Use your Adobe ID and password during this process.  What

            happens is that B&N will register the Nook and put a small ID file on the

            Nook which ADE will use to authorize it to your computer.


            Next, quit B&N and wait until the Nook shows you it's updated itself.  Then,

            unplug it and wait a bit.  Plug it back into your computer and make sure the

            computer 'sees' it as a hard drive (which it had done in the last step....).


            Then, fire up ADE.  ADE 'should' recognize the Nook as attached, and add it

            to the bookshelf portion of the Library display screen (the left hand side,

            under the rest of the lines.).  ADE 'may' ask you to authorize the device

            during this process - or it may not need to do so.


            Once the process is completed, and the Nook is displayed in the bookshelf,

            you can drag and drop ebooks to it from ADE.


            If you get a message that says: 'No permission to copy here', that means the

            ebook you're trying to put on the Nook has digital rights assigned by the

            publisher that will not let you copy the ebook to your Nook.  It's not a

            failure of the process.


            Good luck - I hope this helps!


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              It's exactly what i did for my Nook, since I'm obliged not to buy from B&N as an european (but when will B&n decide to sell his books outside North America?). I'm actually using ADE and Calibre, which is much more flexible when you handle 'difficult' files or you want to transform PDF into E-pub. At the very beginning I wasn't even able to use ADe, but deleting Digital Editions and connecting againg my Nook, every problem was overridden.