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    Adding PDFs as baggage crashes my webhelp generation

    SueC2009 Level 1

      Hello all,

      I just can't figure this one out. I need to add about 40 PDF files into my baggage, and link to these PDFs from a topic in Robohelp.

      Sometimes it works, and then for certain PDFs it doesn't. It doesn't seem to be related to the sizes of the PDFs because some of the larger ones (16 Meg) give me no problems. Yet some of them, when added to the project, crash my generation. The only thing I can differentiate is that the problem PDFs are older (some from 2005 through 2007). I've tried resaving and optimizing and saving as reduced size, but nothing works. The problem PDFs also appear to have more fonts imbedded in them.

      I know that there is a bug with adding PDFs "with invalid font information" in them as baggage, which was supposed to be fixed with the patch, but I do have that version installed (although another item that was supposed to be fixed with this patch isn't fixed for me - the issue with the special characters in cross-reference formats, but thats another issue).


      If this bug is why I'm having the baggage problem, does anyone know what "invalied font information" in a PDF means and how I can fix it?