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    Form performnce - Layout?

    srinivas1506 Level 1



      I am developing an VISITOR Adobe Interactive Form, i have Designer 8.1 and Reader 9.0 in my Windows 7 Laptop. When i checked the menu EDIT-->form properties --> Compatability, its Adobe XML form File (XDP)

      When i opened this VISITOR interactive form in a browser, right clicking and checked form PROPERTIES, then i saw the "PDF Version: 1.6 (Acrobat 7.x)"


      Pls. let me know is the form launching in the browser performence depends on,


      1) Page size?


      2) Text field size (height)?


      3) Space between consecutive text fields? consecutive sub-forms?


      4) Margins of the page?


      5) Number of pages in the form?


      6) Number of fields/elements/components of the form?


      7) Any otehre suggestions (only in perspective of LAYOUT pls)


      Thank you